Real Estate is is one of the largest sectors of the US economy and is an engine that drives most economies world wide. In the United States roughly 2 trillion dollars worth of real estate transactions are conducted on an anual basis accounting for 13% of the national GDP. The sector contributes to the economy in two fronts; the first being through consumer spending through rent and payment of household utilities, and the other being through residential investment which encompasses the construction of new housing units, broker fees, and residential remodeling. Also known as the housing sector, the industry plays an integral role in the US economy and the industry’s impact was best displayed during the 2008 recession where a nationwide decline in home prices triggered America’s worst economic recession in the 21st century. The housing sector also plays a critical role in employment with over 1.9 million people working in the real estate, renting and leasing industry.


Every investor in the Real Estate market has his or her short and long term goals. From Speculation purchasing of vacant land to investing in cash producing income properties there is an investment to be made for every style of investor. As a Real Estate broker we help our clients by assessing all the market data and our individual clients needs to to find a deal that fits into their portfolio.

One of the most common questions from potential investors that are starting out is what are the steps required to enter the world of Real Estate?

We always suggest to our investors to analyze the size of the investment they are looking to make and understand that risk is directly correlated to the return’s they will receive. As a typical rule the higher the yield or cap rate of the property the higher the risk for that potential investor. The lower the yield or Cap rate the more stable and consisten the returns will be. These are general rules and as always exceptions exist on both ends.

Another suggestion we give our potential investors is for themselves tp become familiar with a certain geographical area and specialist in a certain type of Real Estate. Some examples are residential, apartments, vacant land, or an office complex. Understanding your specific market and becoming an expert in that are is a tremendous advantage that can lead to owners becoming more educated in the deals that they make.


Following these principles we have found our area of specialization to be commercial real estate in Doral, Florida. Given its influx of investors and immigration of people from other countries it is one of the fastest growing real estate markets. The Doral market as a whole has shifted from a very rural farm oriented and industrial zone to one with several residential and high end developments.

There has been massive increase in the past years in construction all around Doral. the new developments like Down Town Doral and City center have given the city a revitalization and a new urban direction.

As an investor, taking advantage of this flourishing sector can promote business opportunities and and increase in equity in investments.

Now is a perfect time to establish or grow your business in the Doral market. Please contact one of Our Commercial Real Estate Brokers who can make your dreams a reality.

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