Points to consider when listing a property or business for sale:

  • Have reasonable expectations of what your property and or business is worth. Listing with unreasonable expectations will deter potential buyers and leave sellers unsatisfied. Working with a professional who can assist you to arrive at a realistic number is a step towards getting the deal done in a timely manner.

  • Flexibility when negotiating with potential buyers. When an offer is introduced be prepared to analyze it with the professionals that are assisting you in the transaction. Discuss the options the deal presents with your network of professionals.

  • Schedules change but a good broker will keep the transaction on track. Delays arise in most transactions, funding can be delayed or due diligence may require an extension. Working with a qualified professional can reduce stress.

  • Keep the property in good condition for showings. Low cost cosmetic fixes go a long way to observant buyers.

  • Businesses should have financial record keeping up to date. It is imperative for a successful sale to have accounting and legal requirements prepared.

  • Focus on your business and leave the sale to the professionals. Becoming over focused with the day-to-day marketing and showings can deter attention from running your business effectively.

  • Discussing with your broker material facts that may alter the property or business value. Detailing material facts in a disclosure form is always advisable.  

  • Be aware that information regarding environmental regulations may be required in your transaction. 

  • Working with a well-versed and professional broker will help take the unease out of selling. This in turn will assist in getting the best prices for your particular property.