DCI Realty is your one stop Real estate brokerage firm that can assist you in all your Real Estate needs. We have a broker who is an expert in all aspects of real estate. Thats why Doral Commercial Investments has got you covered. Whether you are attempting to buy a new warehouse for your business, or selling any type of commercial property our property even leasing and managing, we are the best choice for your Doral Commercial needs.

Our team at Doral Commercial Investments excels at being the best local commercial real estate brokers. With a pulse for the current state of the Doral Commercial market this specialization and adeptness generates top performing brokers who have satisfied clients. With the changing trends and vast expansion we have seen in the Doral market it is imperative to have a broker that is local and dialed into your target demographic. Doral Commercial Investments has kept pace and molded its techniques to find the best fit for our clients. DCI Realty not only acts as a Commercial properties broker why also take the time to evaluate the needs of our clients, providing professional investment strategies and guidelines to help make the right decision. At Doral Commercial Investments we strive to bring buyers and sellers together and have both parties complete a mutually beneficial transaction.

  • If you are a buyer and looking to buy a property in Doral or Medley, DCI Realty works at absolutely no cost to you. We will represent your interest as our buyer and work diligently to find you the best deal possible in the Doral Commercial Real Estate market. DCI Realty safeguards your interest and our agents and Brokers make sure that your investment is suitable for your needs.

  • If you are a seller, then as per the latest trends it has become extremely difficult to get the right price for your property. The market situation does not offer a good amount and it becomes increasing arduous for the seller to find a good deal. This increases the chances of your property being sold for way less than its actual value which is detrimental for you. This is where we make an entry, as we provide our services of a broker between you and the buyer. We will be your man and ensure that your property gets the right value in this challenging market.

  • As a seller looking to maximize your return on your property it is imperative that proper market research be conducted when determining an asking. The has been proven that properties listed and analyzed with an experienced commercial broker sell at a higher price and faster than going For Sale by owner. Our Brokers are experienced and have the skillset to analyze market trends and compare sales of current active properties to maximize the sales price for your commercial property.

  • Leasing and tenant services is a large part of commercial Real Estate. This is a Service we gladly provide to our clients. We work with tenants who are looking to lease office space, industrial property or warehouse space, we work with your criteria to get the lease you need.

  • We can also represent a Landlord who is looking to lease. If you are an investor or owner who want to lease his commercial or office space, we can help. We have a pool of tenants who are continually looking to grow there business and need additional space.

  • We also work with developers who are looking for vacant land to build on. As a Commercial brokerage firm we are continually looking for properties for all aspects of commercial real estate to present to our ever expanding client base.